A note from our Pastor

Hello Church,

Since Sunday morning, the CDC guidelines have changed and they now recommend that we do not congregate in groups of 50 or more. Yesterday, the president and his task force went a step further and recommended that we do not meet in groups of 10 or more. We want to be good citizens and it is our duty as a church to take seriously the guidelines that our leaders give us in order to keep our community safe. In addition, as your Pastor it is my duty to keep you safe, spiritually of course, but also physically.

With that in mind, the deacons and I met last night and we have come to the difficult conclusion that we cancel all weekly activities (Wednesday Night, Ladies Bible Study, Men's Game Night, etc) and that we will not have Sunday School or Worship Service this Sunday morning (03/22/2020). This was an incredibly difficult decision to make and one that we have not come to easily. However, we believe it is wise and prudent for us to take these measures at this time. For now, we are making this decision week to week regarding any future changes to our schedule. Things are changing so rapidly, so we want to wait and make future decisions as more information comes out.

We may not be meeting together but we will not stop being the church... no virus can stop that! So here are some things that we will be doing:

  • On Sunday morning we will have a Facebook live Worship service at 10:30. This will obviously be a simple service but we will have a time of worship and learning God's Word. We encourage you to join online at Facebook.com/richlandhillsbaptist and share this with friends and family. For those who do not have Facebook, we will try to post the service on YouTube later in the day.
  • On Wednesday night at 6:30, we will have a "virtual" prayer time, also on Facebook Live. We ask that you join us and you will be able to post your prayer request in real time.
  • Throughout the week you may see video devotionals and/or written devotionals by email.
  • We will still be caring for the needs of our church. If you have a need, please let me know as soon as possible. Also, you can reach out to your deacon. (If you don't know who your deacon is, please let me know!)
  • We will still seek ways to reach out to our community, as appropriate. I will let you know of any opportunities.
  • We ask that you continue to give faithfully. The church still has financial needs even when we are not meeting. Please continue giving your tithes and offerings. Several ways you can give: drop your check by the office during the week, mail your check in or set-up online giving through your bank. We don't have online giving at this time, but my prayer is that we can have that set up in the near future.
  • Our office will be open at this time, with our normal office hours. You may call the office with any needs that you have.

Church, I love you all. Please take care.

In Christ,

Pastor Donald

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